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"Through tango, I have discovered a greater capacity for togetherness, a deeper experience of caring & being cared for than I would have ever imagined possible."

About Elly

My tango journey began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2010 while teaching in public high schools. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have explored tango in a small intimate community setting and then later in larger cities and regional festivals. I've learned from dozens of tango artists along the way which shaped me to become a Jackee of All Trades and master of none.

Through tango, I have discovered a greater capacity for togetherness and a deeper experience of being cared for than I would have ever imagined possible. My goal as a teaching artist and community facilitator is to help more movers and shakers make their own tango discoveries as they grow in appreciation of their own and others' creative gifts.

As a career educator, I understand the importance of individualized instruction that honors your unique needs as a learner. I enjoy partnering with organizers to design and facilitate workshops around consent practices, radical belonging, and the prevention and reduction of sexual harm.

I am excited to cocreate with you the future you want for yourself and your own community of learners and adventurers.

Things You'll Hear Me Say

"We’re looking for your Goldilocks moment - what feels “just right” to you"

"We can work with that!"

"On a scale of 1 to 10…"

"Walk me through your thought process."

"Now for the real fun: How are we going to turn that constraint into a feature?"

"I see you."

"What support do you desire?"

"If you like it, I love it!"

USALA Interview

November 7, 2018 - An conversation with Kristin Balmer & Elly Fernandez about the Youth Tango Retreat, hosted by Meredith Klein

"A sense of belonging involves a couple components: one, that you feel that your voice and your contributions are valued,   that they’re heard, and that you value others’ voices and contributions as well. So that sense of belonging gives you a sense of being a part of a community."

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