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Working Together

How can I best support you....

learn tango?

organize an event that provides equity, elevates and amplifies change and growth?

pivot in the most comfortable, eco-friendly, durable, fiercely fashionable, affordable shoes?

Learn to Dance

I offer private tango lessons for individuals and couples, and can also help you create wedding choreography for your special day. *****I am also booking travel dates to teach workshops around the US - contact me here:
Let me know what you're interested in learning!

"I have taken group and private lessons with Elly. She has a strong dance background and a great knowledge and love of tango. She also has formal training as an educator, which brings organization and focus to the lessons. Her teaching is infused with enthusiasm and joy. I learned so much and it was a great experience." -- Jon

"Elly did a fantastic job preparing us for our first dance as husband and wife. She took a genuine interest into what makes us groove together and used that as a foundation for our dance. The look on everyone's faces on our wedding day when we tore up the dance floor will always be remembered!" -- Dani & Rob

Sliding scale (not including studio fees, if applicable):
1 hr - $80-$100

3 hr - $216 - $270

5 hr - $320 - 400

*Student discounts available*

Shape Community

Are you a tango organizer that values community, belonging, equity, growth, liberation & change?

Are you an organizer seeking to gain/raise awareness, education, and create initiatives for the purpose of centering these values?

Are you a studio owner or tango organizer who feels there's a disconnect in your values, you're not sure who to reach/who to hire, you would like to have a clear vision and mission (because clarity creates growth), wants to create team alignment, community safety that makes new dancers feel welcome and brave,....

"I don't give a shit about what you want - I want to see how you can help me"
Put in About Me section -- In 2022, I want to see more values discernment, norm setting, community agreements, transparent reporting processes, and transformative justice approaches in our organizing and community building so that we are actively making the present look like the future of tango filled with a strong sense of belonging and equipped with advocacy when dancers need it. I want our communities to purposefully shape gatherings where new dancers feel welcomed - where they know their voices are sought after and valued.
My values: accountability, floorcraft, 

By 2028, It is my mission to see 200 tango communities transformed by transformative justice values. I want to see x amount of studio owners transforming their business by getting clear on their values, creating community agreements, implementing and following through on TJ approaches. 

Here is a menu of ways I want to team up with you to support building that reality:

-- Facilitating core value discernment in your organizing team/committee (45 minute zoom call, with a pre-call reflection prompt)
Sign up for my email blast to receive my Tango Values Bank, cocreated with the magnificent Misha Agunos 

-- Shaping a clarified purpose statement for your gathering (practica, milonga, festival/marathon, intimate house party)

-- Cocreating Community Agreements: A vivid and _____ mission or vision statement with a concise list of 5-10 expected actions that create the desired impact aligning with your gathering's core values, wrapping up with a 1-2 sentence statement about what to expect if those expected behaviors are not modeled and practiced

-- (note to self: the next step would be pointing them towards expert resources on creating reporting processes. This is a limit of my expertise)

-- A space to process/book talk about any of the resources listed on my website


initial 30 minute consultancy call - see if we're a good fit, aligned fit - create a calendly. fill out basic questionnaire: name of their studio, social media/website, how clear is their values/vision/mission, how important is this process to them, what do they need/what's lacking/why are they seeking me out, when they work with me - what is the end result?


weekly call 

week 1 - identify core values

week 2 - go over their gatherings & how to incorporate their values into them

week 3 - identify their mission/vision

week 4 - cocreate their community agreements

6 - 8 weekly check ins about what's working, what needs adapting, how well do they feel like they can uphold their values (accountability)

END RESULT: they will accomplish 

Buy Taygras!

My best friend got me hooked on these shoes! 


👏 they're made of recycled materials so you can feel good about the environmental impact of your purchase/consumerism

👏they pivot like a dream, providing the auditory feedback to affirm that your grounding technique is truly everything you've worked hard to develop

👏they're so lightweight, flexible, durable - I've owned 3 pairs for 5 years and they still haven't worn out

👏they're much more affordable and healthy for your feet  than the common, custom tango heel - often ranging between $60-90 (& they often have sales!!)


If this aligns with what you are wanting and searching for, let me help YOU get a pair of Taygras.


Purchase the pair that speaks to your unique fashion expression with my affiliate link here OR TELL THEM TO SIGN UP FOR MY EMAIL BLAST (but how do I automate a thanks for subscribing message that has the link and coupon code and any new announcments?). 

I even have a coupon code for you ;) 


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